Dr. Helen Nejad

She was a Co-Founder and Trustee of Iran’s Children Charity in 2009.  She studied Agriculture at Writtle College University in 

Chelmsford, before going to Reading for her Masters in International Marketing.  She qualified in International Marketing and

Management PhD. from Cranfield University 1995. 

Dr. Nejad has 25 years’ experience in supporting young students and overall 18 years’ experience as a Governor at Field’s Early

Year’s Centre and Ridgefield Primary Schools, being underprivileged areas of the city.  3 years key worker for young people at the

 Railway House project , a shelter project for homeless teenage and young people at risk.  Dr. Nejad is great believer in excellence in

 education and raising quality standards and expertise.



 Mr. Hasan Fani

He is a Co-Founder and Trustee of Iran’s Children Charity since 2009.  Mr. Fani is a Qualified Civil Engineer and has worked in 

property development project management.   Mr. Fani and Dr. Nejad have been married since 1981 and have three children, two

University age and one aged thirteen. 

He is passionate in his support for the children in need within Iran and has dedicated  last five years of his income as a legacy for

charitable work.  His first focus was to fund payments of treatment for children with terminal illnesses and those living in poverty at

Ali Asghar and Mofid Hospitals.  He is a great advocate and supporter of focusing on Health, Education and creating opportunities

for young people.



Mrs Shahnaz Ebrahimi

She is the treasurer and a trustee of the Iran Children Charity. She has been very active in fundraising activities for charities and has

 devoted most of her free time to the Iran Children Charity since its inception in 2009.


Mrs Ebrahimi has been working in the finance sections of the local government since 1998 and currently works in the finance

division of the Cambridge City Council. Mrs Ebrahimi loves working with children and has several professional qualifications in

child care. In addition to raising two daughters, Mrs Ebrahimi has extensive experience in working with children since early 1990s.


Mrs Parvaneh Tari

She is a trustee of Iran’s Children Charity and the head of its office in Iran. She is graduated in Educational Psychology with an MA degree and has 30 years’ experience of working as an educational consultant. She had volunteer collaboration with Iran’s Children Charity since its foundation. After opening the charity’s office in Iran, she became the official member of the charity and the head of that office.




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